Yes, we have design to build services. Whether you want site plans get an initial drawing for the house, or want to work on your old project, we offer it all.

Yes, we construct projects on the pre-made plans. You can show your plan to our experts, and if the plan is feasible, they will give you a budget, timeline, and other construction details and start the work.

Yes, we offer free-of-cost estimates and site visits, and if you feel like going further with us, we would be happy; otherwise, the choice of contractors is always yours.

There are no fixed charges for the design. It depends on the scale or design details you are looking for. You can talk to our architects about your plans; they will quote you the charges accordingly.

SIP or structural insulated panels are styrofoam-filled panels used to build roofs and walls to provide higher R-values and keep the buildings insulated from outside temperatures. With less effect of the heat or cold from outside, you will require fewer temperature management devices and thus save more energy.

There is never a fixed timeline for a construction project. It depends on the ground condition, permits, and other factors such as weather, raw material sourcing, and time for structure formation, concrete, etc, to be done. However, we speed up the process as much as possible and ensure there are no lags or delays from our side.

Yes, we can easily remodel the interiors of your house or the outside look without damaging the other structure in the building. Keeping the foundations and walls intact, we can redo the face or do new roofing while strengthening the pre-built layouts.

Passion Pro Builders has a team of competent and brilliant landscapers and gardeners that get you beautiful landscapes and lush gardens surrounding your home or building. You can add the landscaping details to your project plan beforehand or book the services separately.

Yes, we encourage client visits to the site. However, we advise you to contact our managers so that they can guide and update you on the h progress and give you a vast time when it is safe and feasible.

Yes, we will discuss any changes or alterations you may like at every step of the plan. For example, if you want to go for SIP walls instead of timber, we can do that for you, or if you’re going to add some extra space or change a room size or shape. We encourage you to mention the fixes before the work starts, and even during the construction, e will try to accommodate your requests as much as we can manage.

Passion Pro Builders is registered with the govt authorities, and we have all the licenses and certifications from the regulatory bodies to carry out construction and other builder tasks in your local community.

Yes, we are responsible for getting permits and clearances from authorities during the construction process. Moreover, we take care of all the registration fees and taxation payments, which we will quote in the final bill or notify you when needed.

We dont have any minimum size for the projects we accept. We cater to all commercial and residential jobs, from small kitchen remodeling jobs to door changes and constructing massive buildings.

 Yes, we offer a year or two after-work guarantee. Also, we will inspect and visit the constructed site for review and any fixes needed. If you feel any changes compared to the plan not mentioned or discussed during the construction, we will revise it at no extra charge.

The charges for solar panel installation depend on various factors, such as:

  • Type of solar panels and the size of plant you want to install
  • Local regulations and taxation on solar projects
  • Type of solar plat you require, i.e., do you want to use it as backup or use it as your first power source, or do you want a grid tie-up project so you can sell electricity?
  • The energy requirement of your home
  • Feasibility and efficiency of eh project at your location

After all these factors are checked, a plan will be divided accordingly, and then we can let you know the project’s total cost.

Customers usually clearly know what style and vibe they want in your home or building, and we can advise or suggest some amendments. Otherwise, we stick to what they want. In case you need clarification about your design, our architects will guide you about the best styles depending on your location, budget, and other specifications.

Although we mainly do customized projects, we have some model plans for houses and building forms from which you can choose to construct your home.

We dont sell logs or fittings separately, but we take responsibility for all the material sourcing for the project. So yes, we provide the site’s wood logs, tiles, sanitation, and other construction materials.

We also construct homes with geothermal, wind, or hydel power plants. The feasibility and cost of every project vary, and you can check this with our construction engineers.

No, we offer free-of-cost revisions and fixes if there are some misfitting or errors from our side. We charge very minimal rates for any alteration you require or sometimes manage it in the pre-decided budget.

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